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Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Will I Receive A Decision?

You will receive a decision with 5 businees days after receiveing the appropriate documentation. Supporting documentions include: checks stubs/detail from the operator, 1099 (if possible), division orders (if possible). The more documents you can send to us in order to help with ownership verification will help expedite the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Loan Instead Of Selling?

You retain the upside from any commodity price increases, production increases, or new wells drilled on your properties Tax Advantages Abide by Grandpa to not seller your minerals

What Are The Tax Implications?

No Capital Gains tax while retaining Depletion deduction and also getting Investment Interest Expense deduction

Does My Credit Score Matter?

Yes, your credit score matters. We run credit scores for all individuals and entities before finializing the loan process. Credit scores are a good indication of your ability to servie the debt.

Do You Lend To Estates, Trusts, LLCs, and Partnerships?

Yes, we lend to these types of entities but we would need to evaluate your specific entity organizational documents to determine eligibility.

Do you Lend on all Royalty Types? 

We lend on Royalty Interests (RI), Non-Participating Royalty Interests (NPRI), and Over Riding Royalty Interests (ORRI). We do NOT lend on Working Interests (WI).

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